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Alberto Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio was born as Alberto Rodriguez in San Luis, Potosi, Mexico on May 25, 1977. He is a third generation wrestler and his father is the legendary Dos Caras. He is also the nephew of the Hall of Famer, Mil Mascaras. Read More...

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Alberto Del Rio’s momentum continues to move in the wrong direction following tough-luck losses against Big E on WWE Main Event and against The Shield in a Handicap Match on SmackDown.
As of April 26, 2014

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Ring & Rock StAAArs 3 Results

Posted on September 15, 2014 // Written by // Categorized under AAA, News Updates, Results

The team of El Patron Alberto, La Parka and Myzteziz defeated the team of El Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Texano Jr. and Averno in the main event of AAA’s Ring & Rock StAAArs 3. Alberto made his official in-ring debut in this match. Averno tapped out to the Cross Armbreaker which is now called la Rompe Destinos. La Sociedad tried to break the celebration by attacking him from behind but Blue Demon Jr. and Cibernetico came to his rescue.

In addition, AAA announced that the Heroes Inmortales VIII event on October 12 will be held at the Domo de San Luis in Alberto’s hometown of San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

Alberto in New York for an appearance!

Posted on September 12, 2014 // Written by // Categorized under Appearance, News Updates

Alberto has been announced to appear at The Big Event in New York City on November 8 at the LaGuardia Plaza Hotel in West Elmhurst. Other stars slated to appear include Sting, Lita, Ron Simmons, JBL, Mick Foley, and Mickie James. For more details, visit their website. Will you be going? Let us know!

Alberto Cleared to Compete!

Posted on September 3, 2014 // Written by // Categorized under AAA, News Updates, Videos

Rejoice for El Patron is officially back in action! He has confirmed his participation in Lucha Libre AAA’s Ring & Rock StAAArs 3 event at the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya. He explained in the press conference that his lawyers had worked out the kinks in his contract so he should be able to wrestle in Mexico now, worry-free. He will be teaming up with La Parka and Myzteziz against Texano Jr., Averno and El Hijo del Perro Aguayo on September 14, 2014. On the promotional poster, he is billed as “El Patron Alberto.” The event will be taped for television and televised through Televisa Deportes.

Triplemania XXII Online

Posted on August 25, 2014 // Written by // Categorized under AAA, Videos

For those interested (or want to get interested) in lucha libre, AAA posted the first part of their Triplemania XXII on YouTube. (Don’t worry, it’s official. It won’t be taken down.) They should be posting Part 2 soon enough. We’ll let you know when they do. But for now, enjoy some Mexican wrestling!

News Roundup

Posted on August 25, 2014 // Written by // Categorized under News Updates, Rumor Mill

Sorry for the lack of updates! I was trying to upload Triplemania stuff but I came across trouble with the gallery. Like I noted on Twitter, gallery will be offline until I solve the issue. For now, here’s a news roundup for what’s been happening with El Patron so far:

  • He might appear at the World Wrestling Council TV show in Puerto Rico. No date given but it was hinted that he would make an appearance when “El Magnate” Juan Manuel Ortega called him up, name-dropping “El Patron,” asking if he could take care of someone for him.
  • Rumor has it that a pending lawsuit against the Big Show by a member of the WWE’s production team has something to do with Alberto’s firing. For the WWE, it was a precautionary measure as Alberto was supposedly on the verge of getting sued as well, and if he was kept around, it would be a strong case against the Big Show.

Interview with Hugo Savinovich

Posted on August 15, 2014 // Written by // Categorized under Interview, Videos

Hugo hypes up Alberto’s return and asks how he feels. Alberto mentions that “this is the biggest news in wrestling right now.” Hugo asks him how he thinks he will feel at Triplemanía. Alberto answers, “I’m anxious. I can’t wait to get in the ring and give you 100%, as I’ve always done.” Hugo asks for a message to the AAA superstars, especially Texano Jr., who is AAA’s Megacampeón, their world champion. Alberto replies, “My respects go to Texano Jr., his father, R.I.P., was one of my mentors. Enjoy your title for a few more weeks because El Patron is in Mexico.” Hugo hypes up Triplemanía one last time to close the interview.

Thanks again, srinteresante for the translation!

Press Conference with AAA

Posted on August 15, 2014 // Written by // Categorized under Appearance, Videos

Here’s a video of the press conference featuring Alberto Del Rio in Mexico. Former WWE Spanish commentator, Hugo Savinovich opened the press conference. For old time’s sake, Alberto introduces himself with “My name is Alberto Del Rio… but you already know that!” He confirms that he cannot compete because of the 90-day no compete clause but has expressed his desire to compete in Triplemania XXII. His lawyers are working on the matter. He says here is no better place for him than the AAA, what he calls his new home. Since the Alberto Del Rio character belongs to the WWE, Alberto will be known as “El Patron” (or “The Boss”). There will be another press conference in 12 days where he will speak about the incident that provoked him to leave the WWE. He doesn’t know about Rey Mysterio’s situation but he’d be happy to beat the little “Chihuahua” in his country. Joaquin Roldan clarifies that Rey is still under contract with the WWE but the doors are open for him at AAA.

Alberto arriving in Mexico

Posted on August 14, 2014 // Written by // Categorized under Interview, Videos

Alberto: It’s a pleasure to come back home. Every time I had events here with my old promotion (WWE) I always worked with tremendous joy, and was always pushing them to come to Mexico every year.

Interviewer: Why have you chosen [to work with] AAA? (Note: Alberto made his debut in AAA, but left for CMLL a few years later on bad conditions, swearing to never go back)

Alberto: Well, I started there. And as we all know this is a business, we are professional athletes, in my case I have a family that needs support so they can still have the future I’ve been giving to them up to this point, and they present me the best opportunity in the world to grow, be back in a Mexican promotion, and as I’ve always done every year of my career, be in the limelight.

Interviewer: You will meet again with partners/rivals. What’s your opinion on that?

Alberto: Oh!, it’s going to be a delight to meet again with people like El [Hijo del] Perro Aguayo, Cibernético, and all the rivals I had for so many years, [until] more than 7 years ago when I left to the United States. And I’ve always demonstrated who I am, and I will keep doing it.

Interviewer: What’s the difference between the Alberto del Rio from ten years ago and [Alberto] now?

Alberto: I’m a lot better than I was 10 years ago.

Alberto: I invite you to a press conference tomorrow. My new promotion, my new home, AAA, will communicate where it’s going to be, and at what time it’s going to be. All questions will be answered tomorrow, about anything you want, as always.

I think it’s the first time I come to Mexico without being tired, because they (WWE) always had me coming and going, and I was really tired, but tomorrow we can have as much time as you want to answer your questions, and as always is nice to see you, and thanks for your support.

On leaving the WWE…

Alberto: I’m OK, I’m OK. I’m happy. It always hurts to close cycles, but the reception I’ve received from this promotion and all of you is priceless.

On not wearing the mask anymore…

Alberto: Of course. [I’ve spent years without my mask,] it would be useless to wear it again, but I think the people know who I am with or without the mask. What matters is the work we do inside the ring, and you will keep seeing that the same way you’ve seen it since day one.

Alberto: Thanks to all of Mexico and all of you for being with me today, what better reception for me than this one, thank you very much.

Alberto: It’s always a pleasure to be here, with all of you, and especially here in Mexico. All I’m missing is some chilaquiles and this would be perfect.

Many thanks to Tumblr user srinteresante for providing us with this translation! Please give credit where it is due if using this material elsewhere. Thank you!

Alberto’s message to the fans

Posted on August 14, 2014 // Written by // Categorized under Videos

Hello, aficionados of Mexico and AAA. El Patron is back. And what better way to call AAA if not my home? Thanks for the support and as there is always quality where El Patron is, and AAA has quality. Besides, there was no other place to go. See you soon and God bless you.

Alberto to appear in AAA?

Posted on August 11, 2014 // Written by // Categorized under News Updates

Arturo Rivera, an announcer for AAA (where Alberto used to work before CMLL), claimed that Alberto was going to make an appearance on their Triplemania iPPV. This iPPV will also feature Jeff Jarrett and the debut of Myzteziz (the former Sin Cara). He is not officially advertised on their website yet but for those interested in getting into lucha libre promotions (which Alberto will more likely compete in than TNA), you can learn more about the iPPV on their website at http://www.triplemaniatv.com/.

In other news, this site clearly needs an overhaul and I will get to that eventually. Keep supporting Alberto, chicos!

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